Thursday, February 24, 2011

Healthy eating tips

The best way to be healthier is to start making healthy choices every day. You can start small by following healthy eating tips and good habits one at a time instead of starting with big changes.

You will feel better both physically and mentally if you follow the following tips for eating healthy that fit perfectly in the Mediterranean diet lifestyle.

* Keep a food journal - You can do this easily by buying a compact notebook that will fit in your purse or pocket and taking it wherever you go. Whenever you eat anything at all, you should write it down in your food journal. You have to be diligent and write even the smallest amounts of food like a few bites of a chocolate bar down.

Everything goes in the food journal. You can review your food journal to see how well you are doing at following healthy eating tips and good habits. You can review what you have eaten and decide what you need to eat more and less of the next week to be healthy and happy.

* You should eat the foods you love - You cannot avoid your favorite foods forever because the cravings will not go away so it is all right to have a little of these foods from time to time, even if they are unhealthy. Eating should be fun, not stressful. The key with eating your favorite foods is to eat them in moderation and to watch your portion sizing.

* Take your time eating at every meal - Do not rush through meals. If you are running late, you are likely to hurry up and eat your meal so you can get going. You should relax and have fun at your meal and taste and enjoy every bite of your food instead of rushing through the meal. Also, always eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal and skipping it will hurt, not help when it comes to being healthy and even losing weight.

* Do not eat too much at one sitting - You should only put small portions of your foods on your plate so you are not tempted to overeat. You can even eat off a smaller plate to feel like you are getting more. With a small plate, there is only so much room on your plate for food. The food will appear to be in bigger portions than it is with smaller plates. If you eat off a big plate, you may feel like you are eating tiny portions and want to eat more. You will be less hungry and eat better if you eat off a smaller plate.

* Eat a variety of different foods every day - It is important to eat the things you want to eat but also to try new foods. There are so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables you can try. You should eat the recommended amount of each food group including grains, meats and vegetables every day in order to get the nutrition you need. If your plate has a lot of different colored foods, you are probably getting a good amount of nutrition from that meal.

These healthy eating tips and good habits can improve your health and have you feeling better than ever in no time. These are simple, small changes you can make to your eating habits that you will be able to follow easily and still enjoy eating.

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