Monday, August 29, 2011

Virgin Coconut Oil Book

  Recently I received a copy of the Virgin Coconut Oil  to review from Tropical Traditions. I am a fan  of Tropical Tradition products. I  use there products often in baking.  I was excited to get this  book, I collect  cookbooks and  thought that this one would be great, but I had no idea how great this book was. 

When I received  this book, the first thing I noticed was a endorsement  on the back from  Dr.Joseph Mercola. Dr. Mercola who  is a  osteopathic physician trained in both traditional and natural medicine.

When starting from the front of this book, there is the history of Coconut oil, health benefits, page after page  ailments coconut Oil can help with and so many wonderful testmonies. I carried this book around for three days reading it, I could not put it down.

I had my own ailments which I will not name, and I realized that I had a jar of Tropical Traditions  Coconut Oil in my cabinet I used for baking.  I starting taking 3 spoonfuls of the oil daily and in only 3 days the symptoms I had are gone,  I  have been continuing this for a month and symptoms are still gone.

  I am a firm believer that God had made  things in the natural for healing, but it is up to us to seek God and have him lead  us to it.

In the back of this book are over 85 wonder recipes , using Coconut oil, and wow  such a variety from desserts to  sauces to casseroles to drinks and Gluten Free.   Good stuff.   All using some form of coconut: Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream Concentrate, or Coconut Flour. 

* These foundational recipes concentrate on sauces, spreads, and vinaigrettes.
* Developed by a professional chef.
* You can easily add Virgin Coconut Oil into your diet.
* Gluten-free recipes using Coconut Flour.

   If you are interested in Natural foods and Medicine  and those wishing to improve their overall health will be interested in reading Virgin Coconut Oil.


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Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Bug Bites                                                                                                                                           It's hard to resist the lure of the outdoors during these summer months. But whether it's a chore, a meal or a simple frolic that beckons you into the open air, you're likely to be stung, feasted on or just irritated by bugs.  Prevention Rather than reaching for manufactured insect repellents that use powerful chemicals to keep bugs at bay, try these tips to naturally prevent bug bites. Wearlight-colored, loose-fitting clothing when outside. You'll lower your chances of popping up on a mosquito's radar, as these bugs are attracted to dark colors and easily bite through tight clothing. Also avoid wearing bright or floral patterns, as resembling a scrumptious flower can make you attractive to bees and wasps. Even if you don't have a pool or pond, you still need to eliminate standing water around your home, which is an invitation for mosquitoes to lay eggs near your abode. Drill holes in the bottoms of things like trash bins to drain water that may collect in them. Change birdbaths and pets' water dishes at least once a week and as often as possible in the summertime to wipe out any breeding grounds mosquitoes may have created. Check for other standing water sources, such as gutters, flower pots and children's toys. Rosemary, basil, catnip, lemon balm and rose geraniums are a few of the plants you can grow that have insect-repelling qualities. Lemon balm and catnip are especially good for warding off mosquitoes: Researchers at Iowa State University found the essential oil in catnip to be about 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET, the widely used synthetic repellent. Simply crush the leaves of any of these plants to release their scents and rub them on your exposed skin. Make your own catch-all insect repellent from a concoction of essential oils: 2  teaspoons total of any of the following essential oils: basil, cedarwood, citronella, juniper, lemon, myrrh, pine, rose geranium or rosemary (available at health food stores) 1 cup 190-proof grain alcohol (available at liquor stores) Place ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake vigorously. Transfer to a small bottle for storage. To use, rub a small amount on exposed skin, though test first to make sure skin doesn't react negatively.  Turns out garlic wards off more than vampires. You can make a potent mosquito repellent by mixing one part garlic juice with five parts water in a small spray bottle. Shake and spray a light coating of the mixture on exposed skin. Treatment If you are bitten or stung, try the following natural healing remedies.  Plantain, a common weed in yards and parks, can zap out pain, heat and swelling when its leaves are chewed and applied to a bite. Identify plantain by the five parallel veins that run the length of each leaf.  Rub aloe vera leaves on stings or bites to relieve burning sensations. Ease itch by applying a few drops of lavender oil as needed.????????

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask 

 I recently was sent  a tube of Adovia`s Dead Sea Mud Mask to try and review.  The packaging is very nice, would be good for gift  giving . My daughter and I were anxious to try this product. After trying this product  my daughter noticed that some of her facial blemishes had cleared up  after a couple times using the product. I love how my face feels so clean. 
 It eliminates dirt and makeup build up, seems to scruff off dead cells and just plain replenishes life into your skin. I really love the quality of the Adovia  products  and others that Cleopatras choice carries.

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask - with Dead Sea Mud, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera
Extracts and Detoxifies all Impurities and Toxins
Great for Clearing up, Preventing and spot-treating Acne, Pimples and Blemishes
A "MUST" have for once a week or at least once a month use for anyone with oily or acne prone skin.
Your skin will literally have a noticeable "glow" after you do this mask
Skin looks smooth, beautiful and naturally clear after using this mask
As the mask dries, it gently pulls out toxins and impurities known to clog pores and cause visible signs of aging.
The presence of Dead Sea mud infuses your skin with needed minerals while firming it and improving elasticity.
This unique, natural and effective mask is formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, Beeswax and a deeply moisturizing combination of Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Olive Oil. This natural mask boosts cell renewal and revitalizes your skin, while tightening your pores. As the mask dries, it gently pulls out toxins and impurities known to clog pores and cause visible signs of aging. The presence of Dead Sea mud infuses your skin with needed minerals while firming it and improving elasticity. Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts soothe and calm your skin while vitamins A and C leave it looking fresh and renewed.