Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pure Fiji Body Butter - Coconut

When Cleopatra`s Choice sent some of the new Pure Fiji line to try, I didn`t know which one to try first, but loving Coconut, I went with the Body Butter. This is my favorite product that I have tried.  You open the jar and delicious fragrance of coconut fill the room. This product is whipped and fluffy. 
An excellent cream indulgence all year round. It is super moisturizing and keep your skin perfectly hydrated and nourished. After using this product the wonderful scent of Coconut lingers  for hours. I am so excited about this product I cant say enough!

Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath Soak
I was sent  this product  from Cleopatra`s Choice  from their new Pure Figi line to try and review.

First I must say the packaging of the Figi line is top quality.

I was sent the Coconut Scented Milk bath to try, to get started all you need to do is
Pour 1/4 cup of Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath Soak to warm running water and enjoy.
and I did ! The aroma of the Coconut is  wonderful  and the milk bath is
smooth and creamy,  the combination nut oils combine with fresh coconut milk leave your skin  feeling  supple and soft. Such a great product.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub - Mango

I sent this product to try from Cleopatras Choice.  This  product is fabulous, the Mango scent is  intense and lingers for hours. I cant say enough about  the  Mango fragrance, it is just a lovely and tropical!  The scrub is so gentle and  leaves your skin feeling fresh.  A little goes  long way also.  This product is  not just a scrub it is a tropical experience.

Added to this is the deep moisturizing richness of a blend of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts to nourish, moisturize and protect your beautiful skin - leaving it glowingly healthy. Ideal for all skin types.

Use in the shower after cleansing for a natural exfoliation and moisturizing treatment. From the pristine environment of Fiji, comes an extraordinary moisturizing body treatment.

Cant wait to try the other scents.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pure Fiji Mini Soap 6 Pack

I was sent these mini sops  to try and review from Cleopatras Choice.  It is part of the Pure Figi line.

Upon opening the box you  could already smell the wonderful tropical fragrances.   Inclosed was this  adorable six pack of mini  soaps, packaged  together, my first thought was how wonderful would this be for gift giving, the price is very good and the soaps would make good holiday stocking stuffers  either as a set or separated.
Individually wrapped in handmade paper.

Creamy handmade soap infused with exotic nut extracts and coconut milk for a gentle cleaning and rich lather.
Coconut oil and natural glycerin moisturize the skin. They make your skin feel so soft. 

 These are mild soaps that are  safe for the face and body.

Available in an assortment of fragrances including Pineapple, Coconut, Starfruit, Mango, Passionflower and White Gingerlily.  They are all great 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Benefits of Home Canning

Canning food in your own home is a safe and rewarding process that is becoming popular again as food prices soar and people realize they need to pay attention to securing their food supplies. Preserving food with home canning is an excellent way to increase your consumption of local food. Eating locally requires eating foods when they are in season, and canning allows you to capture the bounty of any particular crop in season and extend its availability throughout the year.    
Your home canned foods will be stored in jars that you can use again and again, unlike the throw-away packaging from grocery store food.    

How preserving food at home helps you:

  1. Excellent quality and taste – When you use quality produce and perform the canning process correctly, you will create superior products to those for sale at the supermarket. Many recipes for home canned food are delicious and literally the quality is something that money can’t buy. You have to make these luscious foods yourself.
  2. Control over the ingredients – With home canning, you will know exactly where your food is coming from. Ideal sources of produce are your own garden and fruit trees, local organic farms, and any local farm. From any of these sources you will be able to hand select your produce at the peak of ripeness.
  3. Support of the local economy – By directly buying produce from local growers, you are putting money into the hands of local people. Local growers love selling from their own farms or market stands because they are not at the mercy of the big commodity buyers who set prices. This also allows local growers, especially small ones, to remain profitable, which is good for the local economy.
  4. Lower your carbon dioxide footprint – Great amounts of energy are used to produce and transport the food eaten by society. Highly industrialized agriculture also relies on pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemical fertilizers. All of these things are bad for the environment and degrade the ability of soils to produce food in the future, which means greater scarcity, lower quality, and higher commodity prices. When you buy local food and can it at home, you are eliminating a huge percentage of the transport costs from burned fuel associated with shipping food across continents. Yes, home canning requires an energy input, but it does not compare to food being trucked halfway across the country to stock a shelf in a store. Reducing the amount of food you eat from distant places reduces the amount of fuel you are causing to be burned. Also when buying local food, try to focus on those growers who use sustainable growing practices that do not poison the environment.
  5. Sense of accomplishment – Once you begin canning food, you will be thrilled with yourself. You will feel like you did something very meaningful to your existence because you did!