Monday, March 7, 2011

5 natural moisturizers

When you think of adding some moisture to your skin, think about ingredients derived directly from nature that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. You may already have some of these ingredients already in your kitchen cupboard. Some of the most popular natural moisturizers include olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Best Face Moisturizer
This is one of the very basic natural skin moisturizers that continues to be popular because it adds moisture to the skin and promotes a healthy glow.  If you prefer your oil scented, you can add some essential oils to add a calming or uplifting scent. Olive oil is also high in antioxidant content, which will help repair damaged skin and protect it from free radical damage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Best Face Moisturizer
Coconut oil is one of the very best natural moisturizers because it works wonders on rough and damaged skin. Because coconut oil contains antioxidants, it helps the skin heal itself and repair any damage. Using coconut oil on a regular basis as your primary body moisturizer may also lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Coconut oil also assists the skin in its natural renewal process, assisting with the shedding of dead skin cells and promoting healthy skin. It's best to apply coconut oil after you have showered.

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Shea Butter

Shea Butter for Best Face Moisturizer
Shea butter is considered to be a very good natural moisturizer because it is readily and easily absorbed into the skin. Once you apply shea butter, it continues to work throughout the day and opens your pores to allow you to continue to absorb moisture from the air. Shea butter also improves the elasticity of the skin.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter for Best Face Moisturizer
Cocoa butter is the sweet smelling "fat" that is extracted from cocoa seeds. It is considered as being one of the best moisturizers because it is readily absorbed into the skin. When you apply cocoa butter to your skin, it creates a layer of protection that protects your skin from outside influences (dry air, etc). Cocoa butter is also recommended as a body moisturizer for those with eczema or dermatitis.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil for Best Face Moisturizer
This happens to be one of the best natural treatments when it comes to minimizing wrinkles, fine lines and even age spots. Vitamin E is high in antioxidants, so it protects the skin of free radical damage. Applying this oil to the skin will moisturizer it to some degree, but it's best to use this in addition to another oil.

When you use a natural moisturizer, you can be sure that your skin is truly getting the best care without any harmful preservatives that can be found in other lotion products. These options are also sustainable moisturizers because they contain no ingredients that would negatively impact the environment. People with sensitive skin will also benefit from using these organic moisturizers. Remember to choose a moisturizer that appeals to you so that you will look forward to applying it daily to protect and nourish your skin.


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